Virtual Situation Briefing of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council on the Effect of Severe Tropical Storm ‘Paeng’ Presided Over by President Ferdinand R. Marcos

Speeches 29 October 2022

PRESIDENT FERDINAND R. MARCOS: … are going through Bicol or went through Bicol, followed by the earthquake in Cordillera, Abra. So I think we can get started in that… Let’s do this in that sequence. Unless you have a better suggestion.

ACTING DEFENSE SECRETARY JOSE FAUSTINO JR.: Yes, Mr. President. This is Undersecretary Jose Faustino of the DND.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Yes, yes. I can see you, oo.

USEC. FAUSTINO: Yes, sir. Good afternoon, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Good afternoon.

USEC. FAUSTINO: First off sir, I would like to thank everyone, the Cabinet secretaries, all the members of the NDRRMC, for joining us in this meeting. We have organized this meeting to apprise the President on the effects and the actions taken in response to Severe Tropical Storm Paeng. Thank you, sir, for joining us today. May we request the President sir to call the meeting to order, sir?

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Very good, all right. Let me call the NDRRMC meeting/briefing to order.

And before we start, I made a suggestion that we should start really — I would like to start with the flooding in Maguindanao simply because we have to already look at it dahil ang daming casualty, 67 kaagad.

It will be important to us to look back and see why this happened na hindi natin naagapan ito na 67 ang casualty. That seems very high for a flooding incident. So maybe if we can start with that first just to give me a better idea of what happened, what caused the flooding, and bakit hindi natin sila na-evacuate at nagkaganyan ang casualty napakataas.

USEC. FAUSTINO: Yes, Mr. President. As suggested by the President, we will proceed with the presentation on the updates on the effects of the typhoon in the BARMM area.

Yes, sir, the briefing on the effects of STS Paeng in Bangsamoro region sir the BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim, Al Haj, is present sir and he will be presenting on this agenda, sir. Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Oh very good, okay. Yes, very good, okay, let’s proceed.

USEC. FAUSTINO: Yes, sir, may we call on Minister Ahod Ebrahim for the presentation of BARMM? Mr. Ebrahim, sir? Please share your presentation now, Mr. Ebrahim, sir.

Yes, sir. Mr. President, while waiting for the presentation of the BARMM, we would just like to share with the President the activities that we have done since last night.

And we have been monitoring and coordinating with the local government units and local chief executives, particularly those in the BARMM area and of course all the other regional agencies that will be hit directly by Typhoon Paeng.

Just this morning, we have updates sir that — and I think it will be cleared by the presentation of the BARMM, the casualties on the death — the reports on the casualties from… The report coming from BARMM initially at 67 for validation. They conducted a meeting this morning in the BARMM area and they have corrected the figure from 67 to 40, sir.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Forty na lang?

USEC. FAUSTINO: Yeah, 40 lang po sir ‘yung ano — 40 ‘yung casualties na na-report and there are 15 missing.

Sir, I think the presentation of BARMM is already ready, sir.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Okay, let’s proceed.

USEC. FAUSTINO: Chief Minister Murad sir, may we go ahead with your presentation?

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Chief Minister, welcome.

USEC. FAUSTINO: Chief Minister Murad, sir. You have no audio, sir.

BARMM CHIEF MINISTER AHOD EBRAHIM AL-HAJ MURAD: First, we activated BRAVO Emergency Preparedness Protocol upon the issuance of the NDRRMC Memorandum No. 181, s. 2022.

Number two, we raised the BDRRMOC Alert status from White to Blue effective 08:00 p.m. of October 26, 2022.

Number three, we prepositioned resources and advised all BDRRMC Member-Ministers/Offices, and all Local DRRMCs on October 26, 2022 through Public Advisory.

The EOC closely monitored all LGUs, specifically the low-lying areas and received reports that there are no swelling on the rivers and the tributaries in their AORs.

On October 28, 2022 at 01:00 a.m., EOC received reports of widespread flooding, flash floods, and requests for rescue in different areas of Maguindanao and Cotabato City. [next slide please]

On October 28, 2022, 01:00 a.m. onwards – close monitoring of the situation and deployment of Rescue Teams to affected areas.

The same day, October 28, 2022, at 05:00 a.m., we deployed SRR teams in affected areas of Cotabato City and Sultan Kudarat.

The same day, October 28, at 08:00 a.m. – activated the Response Clusters.

Then on the same day also on the same time, we had an Emergency Meeting at the Bangsamoro READi EOC to discuss effects and response actions of Tropical Storm ‘Paeng’. This was presided by me and attended by almost all the ministers of the BARMM.

On October 28, 2022, 09:00 a.m. – the MPW conducted clearing operation to road linking Cotabato City to Upi.

October 28, 2022, 09:00 a.m. onwards – the MSSD started distributing food and non-food items to Cotabato City and parts of Maguindanao. [next slide please]

October 28, the same date, at 09:00 a.m. onwards – Bangsamoro READi, BFP-BARMM, PRO-BAR, and AFP conducted SRR operations in Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, Sultan Mastura, Upi, and Datu Odin Sinsuat.

October 28, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – Raised the BDRRMOC Alert Status from Blue to Red thru BDRRMC Memo No. 0010, s. 2022.

October 28, 2022, at 04:00 p.m. – Mindanao Humanitarian Team Meeting was held at the EOC.

October 29, 2022, 09:00 a.m. – BDRRM Council convened at the Bangsamoro READi to discuss the damages and response actions relative to Tropical Storm ‘Paeng’. [next slide please]

In this meeting, these are the following agreements:

BDRRMC Member Ministries/Offices shall send representative/s to the Bangsamoro READi EOC for ease of coordination and harmonization of data and all efforts.
Establishment of Incident Command Post (ICP) in Kusiong, Datu Odin Sinsuat to be headed by the 6ID Commanding General, and the Bangsamoro READi shall provide necessary support to the ICP.
Approved the BDRRMC Resolution to declare a State of Calamity in BARMM, effective immediately and until further notice. [next slide]
So this is now the status of lifelines as of October 29, 2022, 6 a.m.:

The National Highway at Sitio lower Kulate, Romonggaob, South Upi, this is the road connecting Cotabato City, South Upi and Lipao. This is now rendered non-passable.

Then the bridge in Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat, the bridge is completely damaged and rendered non- passable.

The Nituan Bridge in Parang, Maguindanao, the bridge is also damaged and not passable.

Then the Tapian Bridge and Datu Odin Sinsuat, the same bridge linking Datu Odin Sinsuat and Datu Blah Sinsuat is now damaged and non-passable.

Brgy. Labo Culvert, Sultan Kudarat (Pinaring – Pigcawayan Road), the caved in; not passable for 4-wheeled vehicles.

In Labu-Labu 1 Bridge in Datu Hoffer, the bridge is damaged and not passable.

Oreng Bridge in Brgy. Ampuan, Buldon also not passable.

And the Dulawan-Salibo-Sultan sa Barongis Tacuring also the road is flooded and non-passable.

So as of 29 October 2022, 6:00 a.m., Maguindanao Datu Blah Sinsuat, there are 5 dead and 7 missing.

In Maguindanao in Datu Odin Sinsuat: injured – 31, dead is 27, and missing is 4. It is along the coastal area of Datu Odin Sinsuat.

In Maguindanao, Upi – 6 is dead and missing is 2.

In Barira – 2 are dead and 2 – missing.

So the total number is 31 – injured, 40 is dead and missing is 15. [next slide]

So the total affected families is 170,977. Total of affected population is 854,884. [next slide]

So that ends the report we have. And we still have resulted to… We have already provided assistance to affected families and population in the area in the form of food packs. We distributed the foods, we distributed [inaudible]

So we still have [inaudible] to attend to our needs until now. We see that so far the resources of the BARMM is still enough to give assistance to all these affected families in the BARMM.

So this is now the general report we have, we gathered as of today.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Thank you, Chief Minister. Ano pang ano — what else do you need? What is the — what do you need the most right now? Para… The other — usually pagka may ganito, there is a report on how many are displaced, how many homes were partially destroyed, totally destroyed? Para alam natin kung sino ‘yung mga kailangan natin ilagay sa evacuation center, ilan ang papakainin natin, et cetera.

CHIEF MINISTER MURAD: Sa ngayon sir, ang tingin naming gaya ng sabi ko kaya pang tustusan ang aming resources ‘yung mga kailangan namin.

So ang hinihingi lang namin is kung ‘yung mga department kung ano ‘yung huli na naibigay sa amin, ibibigay na lang muna ang list and we will tell once hindi na namin kaya.

Sa ngayon, ang kulang lang sa amin is ‘yung purified water. Kaya lang mayroon kaming machine nasa Metro Manila ngayon. We are trying to get three, three machines, purifier machine, water purifier, then we can serve the need of our people at BARMM para sa purified water.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: All right. In that case, ang una naming ano — magpapadala kami bottled water lang, bottled water muna.

But hindi ito — this is not going to be sufficient so we will eventually follow it up with, as you say, the purifying systems para pati ‘yung mga malayo, at least mayroon silang naiinom na tubig na fresh water.

Do we have a representative — I want to talk to a representative from the DPWH and also DOE? May kuryente ba, Chief Minister?

CHIEF MINISTER MURAD: Ang wala lang is the kuwan — I will pass on to the chairman of the [inaudible]

OFFICIAL: Good afternoon sir. Generally may suplay pa ho ng kuryente dito sir except for South Upi and North Upi kasi kahapon po ay natumba ‘yung mga poste sa Upi. So iyon po ang part na iki-clear ng Public Works and Highways. Wala pong kuryente sa South Upi at saka North Upi po.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Mayroon kayong ano — kasi kung minsan pagka bumagsak ‘yung poste, baka kung minsan natatagalan ‘yan bago makabalik eh.

Do you have generators or some other interim power supply? Para magkaroon na ng cell site, magkaroon na ng… ‘Yun ang importante. After water supply, usually ‘yung power ang pinaka-critical eh.

CHIEF MINISTER MURAD: Sa ngayon sir, mayroon din pero very limited pa rin ang mga generators. In some area mayroon pero in some other municipalities wala pa ding kuryente, sir.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Usually dapat unahin natin when it comes to restoring power ang mga ospital, mga evacuation centers. Whatever it is, if we need to put generators, makabit ulit ‘yung kuryente. But those should be the priorities. The priorities will be hospitals, evacuation centers, and then households after that.

At palagay ko maraming mag-aano sa evacuation centers. But mukha namang na-handle ninyo. But I think the national government needs to assist you still when it comes to the other requirements, kagaya nga ng water supply, as you mentioned, and then for — isusunod natin ‘yung kuryente.

And I want to talk to the DPWH just to find out when — DOE also but DPWH, kailan kaya maging passable? Marami-rami ‘yung hindi passable eh na mga ano na daan. So we have to also — para makapasok din ‘yung mga relief workers natin.

What exactly is the situation in terms of the damage to road, bridge, infrastructure? And how much it is and how long it will take to bring para maging passable ulit ‘yung mga kalsadang ‘yun at tulay.

CHIEF MINISTER MURAD: [inaudible] to the minister namin sa DPW sa area na ‘yun by tomorrow. [inaudible]

OFFICIAL: [inaudible] While we are there may na-recover matanda, bata at saka parang isang babae. [inaudible] Marami na kaming na-deploy na mga rescue team with the help of PNP and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. [inaudible]

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Agreed. Dapat talaga ganoon. So that’s — I can get…

Can I get a report from the DPWH on the situation of Maguindanao? While we’re waiting for that, I see Bai Mariam is here. Gov, baka ano you can give us a quick report on what the situation is now?

MAGUINDANAO GOVERNOR BAI MARIAM SANGKI-MANGUDADATU: Yes, sir. Magandang hapon po sa’yo sir President. Will you please allow me to have a PowerPoint presentation first on what is happening in the entire province of Maguindanao?

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Yes, of course. Sige, sige.

GOV. MANGUDADATU: So to our host, allow me to have a share. Share screen. I’m still waiting for the host to accept share screen.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Until that happens Gov, ano bang general situation sa ngayon? Will do the — once they’re prepared, once they’re ready, will do the presentation, pero habang naghahantay tayo, ano na bang situation para sa inyo?

GOV. MANGUDADATU: Yeah, unang-una sa lahat sir nais kong batiin ang lahat ng magandang hapon at unang-una pagkakaisa sa sakuna, ito ang kinakailangan natin mangyari, magkaisa muna ang lahat. I-set aside muna natin ang pulitika.

And definitely I agree with the report of our BARMM Chief Minister Kagi Murad na ang lalawigan po ng Maguindanao sa kauna-unahan na pagkakataon nangyari po itong Bagyong Paeng na kung saan po more than 50, almost 60 percent po ng ating kababayan ang naapektuhan nito.

Nasa 57.27 percent po ng ating kababayan is apektado po. Ibig sabihin po nito, nasa 302 out of 500 barangays po ang affected po nito.

Una po is karamihan po ng ating apektado is particularly in the northern part of the province of Maguindanao, especially in the DBS, DBS, DOS, Sultan Kudarat, mayroon po tayo sa Kabuntalan, Barira. May casualty po tayo na umaabot na ng more than 40, and at the same time, mayroon po tayong missing na 16.

At ako po’y nagpapasalamat sa tulong ng ating kapulisan, kasundaluhan na kasama po namin kaagad ito kagabi na nagkaroon kami kaagad, nagtalaga kami kaagad ng pag-usap-usap kung papaano po tayo — paano natin matugunan ang ating kababayan nang sa ganoon agaran natin masolusyunan at maibaba po ang paggogobyerno ng lalawigan po ng Maguindanao.

Kagabi po, tumawag na po tayo sa lahat po ng mga municipal MDRRMO upang malaman po natin kung ano ang sitwasyon ng bawat munisipyo. ‘Yun nga lang, masakit po sa aking puso, at ako po’y nalulungkot dahil hindi po natin inaasahan na mayroon po tayo na mga mahal sa buhay na nawalan po ng — nabiktima po nitong Bagyong Paeng.

At hopefully sana hindi na madagdagan ‘yung mga naging biktima nito. At hopefully din po mahanap ng ating kababayan, ng ating Coast Guard, ng ating kapulisan, sa tulong na rin ng ating mga rescuer, ‘yung nawawala pang 16 na ating kababayan.

At katunayan po ngayon, tuloy-tuloy po ang ulan sa probinsiya, at mayroon po tayong pitong unpassable bridge po. Ito po ay nasa bayan ng DOS, mayroon po tayong dalawa sa bayan ng DOS, mayroon po isa sa bayan ng — sa bayan ng DOS, dalawa; isa sa bayan ng DBS; in a total, mayroon po tayong pitong hindi po madadaanan na kalsada.

So ‘yan po ‘yung amin tinitingnan kung papaano natin maiabot doon ang ating tulong dahil karamihan po ng kalsada na ito ay nasa ating national highway. At hindi lamang po damaged, totally hindi na po — kung akin pong maipakita sana ang picture, kung akin pong mai-share view, puwede po natin ipakita kung ano ang sitwasyon ng kalsada natin na nangyayari ngayon doon sa ating mga parte ng ating mga munisipyo.

Mayroon din po tayo na mga kalsada ngayon na hindi po passable na mga mabibigat na daanan. Puwede lang po ‘yung mga — sabihin natin magagaan lightweight vehicle dahil sa baba po ng ating mga kalsada, mayroon na pong bitak-bitak dahil po sa malakas na bagyo ng atin pong tinama.

Ganunpaman, nais ko na rin samantalahin ang pagkakataon na ito, dahil agaran po akong nakatanggap ng tawag mula po sa inyong departamento, lalong-lalo na sa ating Secretary of DSWD na si Secretary Erwin Tulfo na siya po ay agarang magpapadala ng tulong, na katunayan kami po’y nakikipag-ugnayan sa kanya ngayon. Of course, sa tulong na rin po ng ating DND na si Sir Faustino.

So mayroon na po siyang inisyal na binigay sa amin na 10,000 food packs. Ganoon rin po ang city of Davao City, nagbigay na rin po ng tulong sa lalawigan po ng Maguindanao at maging ang ating Bise Presidente. So maraming, maraming salamat po sa lahat ng tumulong dahil kinakailangan po natin lahat ng tulong ng bawat isa dahil hindi po isang araw lang natin ito masosolusyunan.

So kasalukuyan po, patuloy po natin ginagawa, hindi lamang — nag-umpisa na po ang food distribution ng lalawigan ng Maguindanao, at the same time, ‘yung mga na-entrap natin na mga empleyado dahil patuloy po ang medical mission natin ngayon, hopefully makababa sila para lahat ng ating evacuation center susundan po natin kaagad ito ng medical team nang sa ganoon makita ng ating kababayan ‘yung hindi lamang po relief goods, hindi lamang po ‘yun kung hindi nandoon na rin po ‘yung agaran aksyon ng medical mission or itong medical mobile team na tinatawag natin sa lalawigan ng Maguindanao para makita ang sitwasyon ng bawat evacuation center.

So ang lalawigan ngayon naghanda po tayo, kinuha po natin sa pondo ng 20 percent ng ating calamity fund out of the — ng five percent natin na nagkaroon po tayo ng mga tents sa evacuation center, naglagay po tayo ng mga water jug, naglagay rin po tayo ng mga — maglalagay po tayo ng mga clothes — ‘yung mga clothing materials. [Ito naka-share screen na ako?]

Sir, will you allow me? It’s a very quick PowerPoint na lang po para po makita ng ating mga kababayan.

So ito po ‘yung ginagawa nating paghahanda. Ito po ‘yung nangyayari sa lalawigan ng Maguindanao:

Nasa Red Alert pa po ang lalawigan ng Maguindanao. So we have 309 out of 508 barangays affected in the province of Maguindanao. Apektado po rito ang mga upland areas natin particularly in Upi, Maguindanao. So ito po ‘yung sitwasyon sa Upi, Maguindanao. This is part of the northern part of Maguindanao, as well as the Matanog area, South Upi.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: Ang laki talaga ng tubig.

GOV. MANGUDADATU: Yes, sir, umabot po ng ano hanggang [Anong tawag nito?] balikat. Balikat dibdib naman.

Tapos ‘yung Barira po ay ito po ‘yung sitwasyon natin sa ground. Ito po ‘yung sa Datu Blah Sinsuat, ito po ‘yung damage ng Bagyong Paeng. Ang damage din po sa Datu Odin ng bayan po ng Datu Odin particularly in the northern part of the province of Maguindanao. Ito po ‘yung coastal area natin.

So may mga sasakyang nasira, may mga kabahayang nasira. And then sa lowland area din po kung saan po ‘yung southern part ng Maguindanao, ito na po ang sitwasyon.

Dahil po ‘yung tubig mula sa taas, mula sa taas po na northern part ng Maguindanao, ngayon po ay bumaba po ito in the lower part of Maguindanao kung saan po makikita natin na ganoon na po ang sitwasyon ngayon na patuloy po ito na umaakyat, umaabot na po ng bubong dahil po bumaba po at patuloy po ang ulan ngayon sa buong probinsiya ng Maguindanao.

So I pray na sana ay huminto na itong Bagyong Paeng at pansamantalang maihatid natin ‘no at ang safety rin po ng ating mga rescuer ang atin rin pong binabantayan.

Ito po ‘yung affected population natin in the whole province of Maguindanao that is given to me by the PDRRM consolidated with the reports of the NDRRM the whole province with the 36 NDRRM in the province of Maguindanao, we have 40 deaths, 31 wounded and 10 person in missing, not 16 dahil nahanap na po ‘yung iba pala. I’m sorry for that mistake. So ito na po ‘yung nangyayari sa ground.

And then ito ‘yung mga pangalan po ng casualty natin given to us by our PRO-BARMM PNP, number of casualty natin at kung ilan taon po ang nawawala. May mga 8 years old po tayo, may mga bata tayo; may mga injured tayo ‘no. Like in Barira, mayroon tayong one injured. May missing tayo na two years old in the municipality of Barira. While in Datu Blah Sinsuat, mayroon tayong six missing. While ang ating casualties, mayroon tayong anim. Sa DOS, medyo madami-dami po sa bayan po ng DOS. Umabot ito ng I think 19, 19 po ang ating casualty doon at nine po ang ating injured ano sa DOS. At sa South Upi naman, wala po tayong reported na casualties but we have a missing person in South Upi that is — of course nasa upper area ito, 50 years old ‘yung ating hinahanap ngayon. And sa North Upi naman po, mayroon tayong… Hindi pa po naming malaman-laman, ma-identify ‘yung isa kung ano ‘yung pangalan ng isang casualty doon but mayroon tayong anim na casualty doon. And then mayroon din po tayong mga missing personalities sa bayan po ng North Upi na apat pong hinahanap ng ating mga rescuer po hanggang ngayon.

So ito po ‘yung mga landslide na nangyari particularly in the Barangay Kusiong of Datu Odin Sinsuat, Barangay Romonggaob and Looy of South Upi, Barangays Maagabo Bayanga Sur, Upper Bayanga Sur Norte, ito po ‘yung bayan po ng Matanog area. So ito po ‘yung nagkaroon po tayo ng landslide doon. Nagkaroon din po ng elevation ng tubig po doon sa taas kaya po medyo may mga bahay na nasira po ang Bagyong Paeng sa atin pong lalawigan.

Ito naman po ‘yung mga bridge na nasira po ng Bagyong Paeng. Ito po ‘yung pitong mga bridges na hopefully ‘no na kung hindi — alam ko na matagal itong maaksyunan dahil kongkreto po ito. Ang pinoproblema po namin kung paano namin maihatid ‘yung ating mga relief goods dahil ang iba po rito majority nasa national highway. Like in Datu Odin Sinsuat, mayroon po tayo – ito, ito po ‘yung picture ng Datu Odin Sinsuat, Datu Blah, Parang — ‘yung parang talagang naputol po ‘yung Parang.

Iyong Sultan Kudarat in the province of — in the municipality of Sultan Kudarat, mayroon po tayong hindi unpassable bridge. In Mastura, ganoon din po. And in Mastura, mayroon po tayong isang tulay na sira. In total, mayroon po tayong pitong hindi na puwedeng magamit na kalsada.

But mayroon po tayong binabantayan ngayon na mga kalsada na ginawa muna nating — hindi natin pinadadaanan ngayon sa mga heavy vehicle dahil po posible may mga bitak-bitak na sa ilalim. Kaya po gumawa po ng aksyon ang lalawigan ng Maguindanao na hindi muna natin gawing passable ito not unless magkaroon po ng intervention or ma-assess muna ng ating engineering office together with the help of the DPWH kung puwede pa ba natin ito padaanan sa mga — kung anong bigat lamang po ng mga vehicle ang puwedeng magdaan o puwedeng maghatid ng tulong po doon sa ating mga kababayan.

And then ang action po na ginawa natin. Right now, ‘yung ating mga rescuer after we convened them, continuous po ‘yung packing natin ngayon, nagpa-pack na po tayo ng food and non-food items para po maihatid natin sa ating mga kababayan.

At tulad po ng aking binanggit kanina, nagpapasalamat po ako sa iyo mahal na Presidente sa tulong po ng inyong DSWD na nagpadala kaagad ng tulong sa lalawigan ng Maguindanao. Of course sa tulong na rin po ng ating DND Secretary Sir Faustino, maraming, maraming salamat po sa inyo. Sa agarang tawag po ninyo, agarang pagkonekta po sa ating minamahal na Secretary ng DSWD, and of course sa ating minamahal na Bise Presidente, Vice President Sara Duterte. Maraming, maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat.

So ito po ‘yung ating ginagawa ngayon doon. Patuloy po ang ating mga MMT, the medical mission team, the monitoring team, ang ating mga rescuer po. Inaalam pa po natin kung ano po ang sitwasyon ng ating mga kababayan. Nililikas natin ang ating mga kababayan sa ground na possible po na magkaroon pa po ng erosion. Hopefully hindi po sana mangyari ‘yung ganoong sitwasyon.

So ito po ‘yung ginagawa natin. So lahat po ng ating mga provincials dump trucks atin po itong binaba, binaba, pinunta po natin ito doon sa mga kababayan nating nangangailangan ng kaagarang na evacuate para ipunta natin sila kaagad sa evacuation center.

So ito po ang status natin we have the number of evacuation center in — doon sa mga affected areas. We have 23 established evacuation center. In DBS, we have four; in DOS, also we have four; in Ampatuan, we have one; in Parang, we have three dahil ang Parang po ay isa rin pong malaking munisipyo; South Upi – dalawa; ang Upi mayroon tayong pito; North Kabuntalan mayroon tayong isa; Sultan Kudarat mayroong isa. In a totality of 23.

Ngayon po mayroon na po tayong mga preparation mga tent intended po sa kanila. Ito po ‘yung mga pangalan at location po ng ating evacuation center na naka-post na nai-share ko na sa inyo, mahal na Presidente.

So mayroon po tayong ginagamit na gym, mayroon tayong ginamit na school, at mayroon po tayong ginamit na mga chapel, lalong-lalo na sa Parang dahil ang Parang po is majority — ah 50-50 Christian, 50-50 Muslim nandiyan po sa bayan ng Parang. Kaya tayo po ay nagpapasalamat sa mga kapatid nating Kristiyano na pinahiram nila o pinagamit nila ang kanilang chapel, ang kanilang mga simbahan upang magamit natin na evacuation center ito.

PRESIDENT MARCOS: All right, than