Speech by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at the Launching of Dongfeng Motors in the Philippines

Speeches 16 October 2023

Thank you very much, the former Governor of Ilocos Sur, Manong Chavit Singson and the Chairman now of Legado Motors who have gone into partner [please take your seats] – who have gone into partnership with Dongfeng on this program of importation and distribution of the new vehicles – hybrid and electric vehicles from Dongfeng; Mr. Brennan S. Lim, the Deputy CEO of the Legado Motors Inc.; fellow workers in government; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

Today, we move closer to the vision of building a smarter and greener future as we convene for the Launching of Dongfeng Motors here in the Philippines.

I convey my gratitude to the Legado Motors Incorporated for partnering with Dongfeng Motors in importing some of its electric vehicle models to the Philippines and offering them to the local market.

We heartily welcome your efforts to help us actualize our goal to increase the use of electric vehicles in our transportation sector.

Considering our continued dependence on imported fuels and the volatility of oil products in the world market, it is only sensible that we encourage the shift to electric vehicles.

We not only get savings in fuel and gas, but also significantly lessen our greenhouse gas emissions and champion sustainability in our day-to-day activities.

Owning an electric vehicle here in the Philippines also confers a wide range of incentives and advantage.

Aside from having priority in the registration and renewal of registration of vehicles at the Land Transportation Office, owners will also get to enjoy exemption from the number coding schemes, amongst others.

It is important to note that the promotion of the use of electric vehicles is among the measures of the government to uphold our country’s commitment under the Paris Agreement.

Under this treaty, we pledged to a projected greenhouse gas emissions reduction and avoidance of 75 percent for 2020 to 2030 in agriculture, wastes, industry, transport, and energy.

In the Philippines, the transportation sector is the largest source of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

So, if we aim to fulfill our pledge to the Paris Agreement, we need to boost the share of electric vehicles in the total projected vehicle fleet nationwide.

The government aims to increase the share of electric vehicles to 10 percent or hopefully 50 percent by 2040. As of late 2020, there are just around 8,800 electric vehicles in the country.

So, to boost this number, we are working on the gradual shift to electric vehicles for public transportation.

Currently, we are implementing the PUV Modernization Program. This entitles beneficiaries to special loan facilities and equity subsidies for the acquisition of electric vehicles.

To date, nearly 400 electric public utility vehicles are plying 29 routes nationwide, bringing safe, modern, comfortable, and green transportation to the masses.

In Davao City, over 300 electric buses have been deployed to pioneer an integrated sustainable urban transport system.

The Department of Transportation and the United Nations Development Programme have also given Electric Public Utility Vehicles under its Low Carbon Urban Transport Project.

More cities and urban centers are following suit. Now, some are testing the viability of electric vehicles and electric public transportation for their local needs and conditions.

So, it’s my firm belief that these endeavors will not only gain momentum but also wider adoption moving forward as our people realize the benefits of these vehicles in their communities.

So, I enjoin the public to support the programs and policies of the government as well as opt for alternative or renewable sources of energy.

Let me also encourage the private sector to participate in our efforts to make the Philippines a part of the global chain of electric vehicles by investing in manufacturing facilities in our country.

Strive with us as we generate more employment opportunities, enrich our people’s quality of life, and fostering more environmentally friendly communities.

In return, we offer fiscal incentives such as the Income Tax Holiday and duty exemption of capital equipment, raw materials, and spare parts used in electric vehicles.

So, let me affirm once more this administration’s commitment to support the Legado Motors Incorporated and its key partners in this very important endeavor. [applause]

Let us harmonize all our efforts as I am confident that we will win the race for a more sustainable and energy-secure future.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. Magandang hapon po. Mabuhay tayong lahat! [applause]

— END —