Speech by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at the Civil Service Commission’s Awards Rites for the 2022 Outstanding Government Workers

Speeches 8 March 2023

Thank you very much to our Commissioner, Commissioner Aileen Lizada. [Please take your seats.]

CSC Commissioner Ryan Alvin Acosta; the awardees of the Pag-asa Award Dangal ng Bayan and Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award, this is your day and this is the time that we recognize the good work that you have done for our people; officials and staff of the Civil Service Commission; my fellow workers in government; ladies and gentlemen, magandang umaga po sa inyong lahat.

It is indeed an honor to join you today to recognize the exemplary individuals who have gone above and beyond their calling to create a lasting impact in the government and in society.

We all know the great responsibility and accountability that come with being a public servant. Whatever one’s rank is or employment status may be, being in the government entails espousing patriotism, integrity, excellence in every single task, and a deep and passionate love of country.

Because we function to put people’s interests ahead of our own, we are required to have a character so grounded in our most essential values and principles that not even the slightest promise of wealth or influence could ever sway us.

With that said, I would like to point out two things in relation to our event today:

First, a career in government is not necessarily for everyone.

To wholeheartedly give yourself and real and selfless service day by day is an investment that only some can afford. And that leads me to my second point: Your achievements are indeed remarkable, and it is only right that you are bestowed the distinction and incentives that you deserve.

So allow me to first convey my gratitude to the Civil Service Commission—all your leaders and employees— for holding this annual event.

It is a painstaking process that you go through to give outstanding individuals their due recognition is much appreciated, as this encourages workers from across our many government agencies to remain steadfast in fulfilling their oaths to the public.

And now, to our awardees:

Allow me to congratulate you on this recognition that proves that you have gone the extra mile in carrying out your mandates, making you agents of progress and sources of inspiration in your respective sectors and communities.

For this and for all the positive impact that you brought with your service, you deserve a thunderous round of applause. [applause]

Noong ibinibigay ko ang kanilang award sa ating mga butihing awardee ay sila’y nagpapasalamat sa akin at sinasabi, “Thank you, Mr. President.” Kami ang magpapasalamat sa inyo dahil hindi lamang ang inyong Pangulo, kung hindi ang buong madlang Pilipinas ay nagpapasalamat sa serbisyo na ibinibigay sa inyo.

Karapat-dapat lamang na kilalanin kayo dahil kayo ay hindi naman – tahimik lang na nagtatrabaho. Hindi sinisigaw ang inyong sakripisyo, hindi ipinagmamalaki ang inyong sipag.

Ngunit dapat kilalanin pa rin ‘yan kaya’t I congratulate you, not only for your award, but I congratulate you for the service that you have given the Filipino people. [applause]

You have clearly demonstrated that a compassionate and genuine heart lies at the center of your efforts.

Let this occasion be a reminder to all government workers that a service rooted in compassion and love for country and its people is indeed possible.

May the examples of our awardees inspire everyone not only in government, everyone in the Philippines, to actively participate in our efforts to attain the national development agenda.

And may the celebration today be a resounding call for all of us to embrace our role in uplifting the lives of every Filipino.

We are privileged to be freely given the trust of the nation, for public office is a public trust. So, let us repay that confidence by serving them with utmost responsibility, efficiency, and honesty.

And as we remain true to our calling—just as our awardees have exhibited in their ways—we will be rewarded with the promise of a better and more inclusive Philippines for all.

Again, my warmest congratulations to our awardees.

And I believe that this day is your day and this day you should be recognized for the good work that you have done and I am honored to be here with you and to be with these great public servants who have shown that public service is a service that we do out of love of country and love of our fellow Filipinos.

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay kayong lahat! [applause]

– END –

SOURCE: PCO-PND (Presidential News Desk)