Remarks of President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. and United States Secretary of State Antony John Blinken

Speeches 6 August 2022

PRESIDENT FERDINAND ROMUALDEZ MARCOS JR.: We are very happy that you were able to find time to pass by the Philippines. So that the continuing contact that the Philippines and the United States have had for over a hundred years.

I hope that we will continue to evolve that relationship in the face of all the changes that we have been seeing. And the changes that are between in our bilateral relationship with the United States.

US SECRETARY OF STATE ANTONY JOHN BLINKEN: And I think it really is evidence of exactly what you’re saying, Mr. President. Our relationship is quite extraordinary because it is really founded in friendship, it’s forged as well in partnership, and it’s strengthened by the fact that it’s an alliance as well.

To your point, the people-to-people ties between us are almost unique and it’s something that we tremendously value.

We are working together on bilateral issues between us, we are working together in the region, and increasingly we are working globally because so many of the challenges we face are global in nature, whether it’s COVID-19. And we’ve been proud to be your partner in working on that and protecting all of our people. Whether it’s climate and the need to deal with that existential challenge or whether it’s the impact of all these new technologies on the lives of our people.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to deepen everything we’ve already been doing. And we’re grateful to be working with you and your Administration.

— END —