President Bongbong Marcos will deliver a 10-point agenda for economic renewal and long-term growth, restoring prosperity for all Filipinos. This plan will include immediate efforts to reopen the economy.

National Reopening

Resume face-to-face classes nationwide, and accelerate reopening of travel and the economy to restore and create jobs (if the pandemic shall re-emerge, be quick on vaccine procurement and roll-out).

Public-Private Partnership

Encourage private sector engagement and investment for the benefit of the public above all. Provide legal and regulatory support to public-private partnerships.

Infrastructure Development

President Bongbong will launch a Build Better More program to improve critical infrastructure in the Philippines and advance digital connectivity across the country.

Fiscal Discipline

Improve efficiency and collection of taxes by the BIR and BOC. Prioritize targeted spending to manage debt and narrow budget deficit.

Transparent & Efficient Governance

Establish efficient government processes, such as mandatory online services, to promote transparency, shorten turnaround time, and limit the opportunities for corruption.

Digital Philippines

Set up Broadband ng Masa for quick, reliable, and affordable internet services, which will facilitate effective learning and efficient delivery of public services.

Energy Security

Boost local power generation capacity by reducing bureaucracy to attract energy investments and improve power delivery and distribution with the objective of providing competitive energy prices.

Future-ready Filipinos (Education)

Provide quality education through standardized learning materials and digital tools. Upskill the workforce to improve employability and support priority industries

President Bongbong will invest in the Philippines’ future: its youth. We will strengthen the Free College Tuition Act, construct specialized training colleges and university and increase the number of young Filipinos acquiring science and technology skills through research and scholarship grants.

Affordable Healthcare

Lower cost of medicines by allowing easier importation, and strengthening primary healthcare in underserved communities. Build regional specialty hospitals.

As we continue to fight the pandemic, President Bongbong will build new hospitals and research centers and he will create a National Centre for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention for improved analytics and better healthcare coverage for low-income Filipinos. The over-all thrust will be to expand and strengthen the country’s healthcare system that will withstand another pandemic should there be a similar experience in the future to the Covid pandemic or one that’s even worse.

Food for All

Increase productivity of agriculture and fisheries, and bring down cost of food through cooperatives, modernization, and value chain development. A nation should not rely on other countries for something as basic as food. It is the primary need for survival. It then must be given primary attention and support. The President, in highlighting the importance of food security, has taken the Agricultural Portfolio for himself and in doing so, has given hope to our farmers and fisherfolk who eagerly await the much needed assistance that will come their way with no less than the President “taking the bull by the horns” so to speak.